Stedman's Medical Terminology

Stedman's Medical Terminology

Stedman's Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ISBN: 9781451108071
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Stedman’s Medical Terminology provides students and instructors with a basic, mid-level text with minimal narrative content and minimal coverage of anatomy and physiology. The book alternates term presentation and student exercises to ensure that students will apply what they have learned immediately. A variety of exercise types progress in a meaningful way, beginning with simple memorization, then moving on to word building and deconstruction, and finally leading to application and analysis through the use of real-world case study and medical record exercises. This approach ensures student engagement, rather than mere rote learning. A robust, realistic, and relevant art program enhances the text, especially for visual learners. A full suite of ancillaries, including videos and animations, will be available for both students and instructors.

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